Women’s Golf Fitness

Effective September 25, 2017 – this fitness class is being discontinued.

Women's Golf Fitness 1

Looking for a workout to help your golf game?

Nic Porter, Lake House Director, has “re-developed” a workout specifically for the lady golfers on Seabrook Island! Women’s Golf Fitness is a 45 minute class designed to work on a person’s physical limitations and how they relate to golf.  Focus will be on mobility, strength, stamina, power and hydration. Nic will explain how each exercise will help improve your golf game as well as provide individual modifications for exercises as needed. Women of ALL fitness levels can participate and gain value from each session. All you need for class is comfortable workout clothes, a bottle of water and an eagerness to get in better physical shape for golf.

When – Classes are every Monday 12:00 -12:45 pm.

Where – Lake House

Cost – $10 per class OR included if you have the $49 unlimited fitness class pass.  No pre-registration required!

Here’s what Julie McCulloch said about the first class:

“The inaugural session of Women’s Golf Fitness class kicked off on Monday, April 10. We had a great turnout and were led through our “paces” by Nic Porter, Lake House Director. We learned about “mobility vs. stability”, did balance & core strengthening exercises, as well as really worked our quads and rear-ends! It was an “eye-opening” time for many of us, and several days later, we’re still a little sore!”

Women's Golf Fitness 2