Tips on Using Golf Genius

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SILGA is excited to be partnering with the Seabrook Island Golf Professionals to be the first golf league at the Club to implement an on-line system to allow our members to register for events, using the USGA Tournament Management Club, powered by Golf Genius Software. The Pro Shop uses Golf Genius to enter all scores and event results. While you can still call the pro shop, email them, or ask them in person to add you to an event, it is easy to do from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Besides signing up for SILGA events, you can view tee sheets, tournament results, standings and more. Many SILGA members like that they have the ability from their own device to sign up or cancel their participation in an event without having to go into the shop, call or email. You can view who is signed up for events as well as indicate you are not able to attend an event.

To use Golf Genius, you must use a browser (on any type of device).  Although there is a Golf Genius App, this App is only used during “live event scoring,” which our club currently does not use.

If you have a Login, click here to login.

If you have questions about using Golf Genius, please ask the Pro’s in the Golf Shop or ask SILGA! We will hold sessions following shot gun events for anyone interested in learning more.

Golf Genius Q&A

Question: When I join SILGA, will I be invited to sign up for Golf Genius?

Answer: When a new member signs up for SILGA they are NOT automatically signed up on Golf Genius. If they have an established handicap and have paid their annual $30 handicap fee, then they are sent a golf genius invite.  Full club members do not pay this annual $30 fee as it is part of their package. When a new SILGA member begins playing and develops her handicap then an invite goes to them. There are quite a few members who choose to join SILGA but do not want to pay or keep an annual handicap.

Question: How do I sign up for an event in Golf Genius?

Answer: Sign into Golf Genius. To view the events, hit the “Home” symbol on the left side of the red menu bar, or hit the words “Home/Welcome”  This will bring up the “Upcoming Rounds” down the left side of the screen, including Wednesday and Thursday games along with any special events, . You can sign up, cancel your sign up, or indicate you cannot play.  See the examples below.

Question: Is there a confirmation sent after I register or cancel from an event?

Answer: Each time you sign up (or cancel) using Golf Genius, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not, first recheck the SILGA Golf Genius Event list to see if your selection was recorded.  If not, hit your selection, followed by hitting “OK” when you see the pop-up confirmation.  If after doing this twice, let the Pro Shop know if you do not receive a confirmation. Thanks!