Tee It Forward

Resources Available to Those
Wishing to Play from the Heron/Blue Tees
(Tee It Forward)
  • The Pro Shop asks that you let them know your intention to play from the blue tees prior to each SILGA event and they, in turn, will make sure your adjusted handicap will be reflected on the scorecard for that day’s game.
  • How to Sign Up to Play the Heron/Blue Tees? If you would like to play from the Blue Heron Tees during weekly play*, you can indicate that by clicking “Send a note to the manager” when you sign up for an event using Golf Genius.  You can also contact the pro shop via email or phone to let them know you’d like to Tee if Forward!
  • How Do I Know How Playing from the Heron/blue tees will change the strokes (dots) I’m given?  SILGA created a chart which covers the range of handicaps and will tell you your new handicap index depending upon whether you are playing Crocked Oaks or Ocean Winds.  Click here  for a chart!
  • If you are interested to read an explanation of how to compare playing from the Finch (Yellow) and Heron (Blue) tees, click here to read the “SILGA Tee It Forward Handicap Comparison, Modified from “Rules with Martin” from the March 2019 issue of The Veranda”
  • We have reduced the number of SILGA events we feel truly meet the criteria of Major Tournaments.  Therefore, moving forward, major SILGA Tournaments will only include:  Ace of the Month & Ace of the Year Shootout; Member Member (March 22-23); and Member Member Ringer (October 23-24).  These are the tournaments for which (a) maximum handicaps of 36 will apply and (b) play from the Finch/yellow tees.
  • During the Members Meeting  on March 6, 2019, we heard the wishes of some members. Since the meeting, a larger number of SILGA members have experienced playing from the Heron/blue tees. Later this spring we will survey our membership to determine their wishes.