SILGA Mentoring Program

New SILGA Mentoring Program Starts in April 2019
Deadline to Sign up: Tuesday, March 12th

What Can This Program Do For You?

What SILGA members who’ve completed this program said they liked BEST:

  • Playing with a more experienced “mentor” who offered personal tips and
    helpful suggestions on pace of play, golf etiquette & rules.
  • Meeting other women of similar golf ability with whom to play golf.
  • Gaining confidence and pointers while playing in a friendly, supportive

When Will It Start?

This program will begin in mid April and continue for 4 weeks. If you are
interested, you need to be available to play 2 hours of golf or maximum 9
holes weekly. In addition, there will be one kick off meeting and a final round
of golf where all mentors/mentees will play together, followed by lunch.

Program dates are as follows:
Mentor-Mentee Kick-off Meeting: Thursday, April 11th (3-4:30pm)
Program runs 4 consecutive weeks (w/o 4/15, 4/22, 4/29 and 5/6) to be
scheduled directly with Mentor
Final 9 hole Play followed by Lunch: Tuesday, May 14th (am)

Is This Program for You?

Sign up if you are looking to gain more confidence on the course by learning
pointers on golf etiquette, how to apply rules of golf in “real-time”, and tips on how to play faster without rushing your swing – all in a casual, relaxed setting.
SILGA members who will mentor for this session include: Diane Eberhard, Tori
Langen, Cathy Martin, Peggy McCarthy.

Cost: None. There is no extra charge for the program. You will be charged your
standard member rates when you play golf or order food/beverage items from
Bohicket Lounge or Pelican’s Nest.

Deadline is Tuesday, March 12th

If you wish to participate, please click below and complete the application form. If you have questions, email ( or call ((203) 981-7640) Nancy Pondelik, SILGA Mentoring Chair. Once we receive your application, we’ll be in touch to discuss your expectations and what you hope to get out of the program.

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