SILGA Skills Development Sessions

Spring 2019

SILGA has once again partnered with the Seabrook Island Club Golf Professional Staff to hold a series of clinics for our members. Based on the feedback that we received from the clinics held in 2018, we have made some changes for 2019.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with a small group of ladies who have similar golf abilities and take advantage of time with one of the Professional Golf staff. SILGA has negotiated favorable rates. Additionally, our Pro Staff has worked with us to offer clinics that are not available to general club members!

Thanks to all of you who signed up for these sessions. We are excited to offer a unique training approach that allows you to both receive instruction on skill technique and follow it with a supervised period where you can practice what you’ve learned. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’ve added several new sessions to accommodate the strong interest and confirmation letters have been emailed.
  • If you signed up for the Bunker Technique or the Chipping/Pitching Technique sessions, we recommend you also sign up for the corresponding practice session, so the training techniques you learned can be fine-tuned in the next day’s practice session – all supervised by our PGA Professional staff.  Where there was availability, we confirmed you for the practice session corresponding with the technique session you requested.
  • Please carefully check confirmation emails you receive and go onto Golf Genius to verify you can make the time slot for each confirmed session – some of the confirmed sessions start times are different than the time you originally selected.
  • Most importantly, please notify the Pro Shop as quickly as possible if you are unable to attend any of these sessions, as we want to offer any openings to others who are still on a wait-list.

The guidelines for these sessions are to have one session for handicaps 25 and above and another session for handicaps 25 and below.  Please remember, this is only a guideline as different items will be covered in each session.  If you feel confident that you already possess the skills for one session, sign up for the other session.

How to sign up for sessions.

If you are already signed up and want to view the sessions and who is signed up, you can visit SILGA’s Skill Development page on Golf Genius.

If you are not yet scheduled, you can speak to the staff in the Pro Shop to be added to a session or placed on a waitlist.

Please be aware, if you sign up for a clinic and either do not show up or do not cancel within 24 hours of the date/time, you will be charged for the cost of that clinic. You still must register for clinics at least 2-days in advance.

Private and Semi Private Lessons

Did you know as a Seabrook Island Club member, you are welcome to arrange for private and semi-private lessons from our golf professionals? Below are the details.

Course Management – 2-Hour On-Course Lesson
Find up to two other SILGA ladies and schedule directly with the Pro Shop for a 2-hour on-course private or semi-private lesson with a pro. Focus will be on your strategy for managing your game around the golf course. Topics may include:  how to play to your strengths, risk vs. reward assessment, learning to play each hole backwards in your mind, placing the ball in the best position possible for your next shot.
# of Golf Instructors – 1
# of Attendees – 1, 2 or 3 ladies (Past participants recommend 2 ladies)
Cost – $150 total, split evenly among participants.

Private Lesson & Semi-Private Lesson for 1 Hour
Are you looking for individual or a smaller group session to focus on a specific skill?  Putting, Chipping, Pitching and/or Full Swing? Schedule with the Pro Shop for a 1-hour private or semi-private lesson with a pro on a topic of your choice.
# of Golf Instructors – 1
# of Attendees – 1 – 3 ladies
Cost – $75 per hour, $40 for 30 minutes

Questions?  Contact Linda Saver, SILGA Skills Development Committee Chair